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Hi there, first of all thanks for spending some time reading this blog. It`s mainly a place for me to write some tutorials or just document some learnings and stuff. Hope you learn something or just have a nice life.


Cross the unknown lands

Hi guys, for the first post in the blog i decided not to post anything about code yet because, hey that`s what I do every freaking day, and it`s a saturday, so let`s change things up a little =)

When i first thought about writing a blog i thought about just a place to document my game programmer journey and maybe help someone, but before i see my self as a programmer i see my self as game developer and more then that a games lover. So i decided to start this blog with a post about my first non-digital game i made (yes, it`s intended to be a blog about game programming which`s first post is about a non-digital game)

This game is a result of the first assignment for a game design course i took on coursera a few months ago when i decided i want live making games. The challenge of this exercise was to develop a single player non-digital game, which is tough, but in addition it was supposed to be a game that only need a pen and two 6-sided dice to play. Oh and i forget a little detail: both the instructions, the board (if there was any) or any other information needed for the game to be played had to fit in a single page of an A4 standard sheet of paper.

Ok, enough bullcrap, lets talk about the game. The idea is for the player to make a single a single line in 6×6 grid connecting the left-hand side to the right-hand side, but under some constrains. Also the game alternates play with the board that follows a mechanics of always trying to block the way of the player randomly. I must say that the game has been almost not tested, but i want to make some more mechanics balancing to make it more fun. I`ll be linking below the pdf of the first version. Hope you like

Link: Crosstheunknownlands

See you next time